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My name is Mari Carmen and I am the person behind La teva ruta.

I am a qualified guide by the Generalitat de Catalunya, with a degree in Art History and a Master in Cultural Heritage Management. One of my first professional experiences after finishing my studies was guiding exhibitions in different cultural centers. The possibility of transmitting knowledge and sensations around cultural heritage was undoubtedly a great motivation to continue in the field of cultural tourism.

I offer guided tours for all audiences in the provinces of Tarragona and Barcelona. From destinations as classic as our capitals to the smallest villages in the province of Tarragona.

In the last 10 years I have had the opportunity to share the treasures of my region with a multitude of people, ages, backgrounds and interests and I have also had the opportunity to create thematic, experiential and creative routes to offer you memorable experiences.

I hope you find La teva ruta (your route) and that you enjoy your stay with me.

Tourist Guide authorisation number 2,871

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Guided tours for students

We offer guided tours in our destinations to groups of Primary education, Secondary school and University students. We adapt the content to the school curriculum, needs and interests. We also offer guided tours for young students who enjoy their end-of-year trip to Costa Dorada, an area where they can discover important cities, monuments and natural spaces: Tarragona, Barcelona, the Delta of Ebro River Natural Park, monuments such as the Cistercian monasteries, etc. We also work with foreign university students in the main Catalan destinations.


Guided tours for travel agencies

We work for various travel agencies and offer guided tours for their groups, both day trips and tours of tourist circuits. The agencies will find on this website the main places where we do guided tours. We can adapt the outings to their proposals, to the time available, and even help them find complementary services such as restaurants or accommodation. We also work for agencies that take private groups, for which we offer more detailed and tailor-made services.


Visits for companies / entities

If you are a company and want to offer an incentive to your employees or having courtesy to your customers, we offer various possibilities of guided tours. Apart from the proposals that you can find on the web, we can design personalized experiences that can include visits to wineries, tastings or active tourism activities, in collaboration with local agents. We can also arrange transport services, such as coaches, tickets to museums / monuments and restaurants.  If you are an association and make regular cultural outings, here you can find visits and experiences that you may not have done before. Discover them!


Visits for families / individuals

We also think of the family audience and especially the most demanding tourists, the children! We can design your route, we advise you what places you can visit and what activities you can do, according to your interests and the time you have.  We take care of managing reservations, tickets, etc.. We also propose up to 3 guided tours specially created by La Teva Ruta for families with children.  With these 3 tours, both young and old, can participate with games, dynamic and fun activities that help discover the heritage in an enjoyable and educational way.

Discovery the secrests o the ‘Vila Vermellea’From olive tree to oil bottle | Family visit in Alcover

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