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Essential Tarragona

Essential Tarragona

At “La Teva Ruta”, we specialize in city exploration through meticulously designed tours and guided visits. We invite you to discover Tarragona, a historical gem of the Iberian Peninsula and a city recognized as a World Heritage site.

Our private tours in Tarragona immerse you in a journey through time, where the remnants of the Roman and medieval past come to life. You’ll tour the most prominent monuments and walk through the most iconic streets, enriching your experience with our detailed insights into the eras that shaped this enchanting city.

Start the Journey through Time

Our Tarragona Tour begins at the Portal de Roser, the site of the first major Roman construction in the Iberian Peninsula: the Tarragona wall. While admiring its magnificent structure, we’ll discuss the origins of Tàrraco and the evolution of this defensive fortress.

We then delve deeper into the heart of the city, where a model of Roman Tàrraco provides a clear perspective of this city in its glorious zenith. Here, you’ll delve into the grandeur of an era that left tangible marks on every corner of Tarragona. The visit to the model is immersive, as it’s part of a videomapping projection on the very Roman arch it’s situated under.

Discovering the Upper Part

Our tour guides you through the picturesque streets of the Upper Part, leading to the stairs of the Cathedral. At this key city point, we’ll discuss the temple of Augustus, a Roman monument that once stood here, and recent archaeological discoveries that have unveiled secrets hidden for centuries.

From Pla de la Seu, you can admire the imposing Tarragona Cathedral as we narrate its rich history and introduce you to one of the city’s most popular and captivating traditions: “els castellers”, a cultural phenomenon unique to Catalonia.

A Walk through History

The tour continues through more historically rich streets in the Upper Part, where Roman remnants intertwine with modern life. At the Plaça del Fòrum, you’ll see the foundations of what was once a bustling center of Roman life. We’ll visit the Circ-Pretori, the site for chariot races, where you can still admire the original arches and seating.

Don’t miss the climb to the Torre del Pretori, a centuries-old building offering unparalleled views of Tarragona: the rooftops of the historic center, the endless blue of the Mediterranean, and the constant activity of the port.

Gladiators and Other Roman Shows

We’ll visit the most iconic symbol of Roman Tàrraco: the Amphitheatre. Used for gladiator fights, animal combats, and public executions, you’ll learn about these events in detail. We’ll explain how they were organized, how these gladiators fought, and other intriguing facts about the amphitheater, its history, and evolution.

The Final Stop: The Balcony of the Mediterranean

Our journey culminates at the famous Balcony of the Mediterranean, offering breathtaking panoramic views. Here, we’ll bid farewell the traditional Tarragona way, “touching iron” for good luck.

Customized Guided Tours

If you’re seeking more, we can tailor your Tarragona tour to include other notable sites and monuments, such as the Archaeological Walk, offering a different view of the city’s Roman remains. Or perhaps you wish to visit the majestic Tarragona Cathedral, a standout example of the region’s religious architecture. We can also take you to the city outskirts to explore monuments like the aqueduct, the Mèdol quarry, or the Vil·la dels Munts, where the past remains frozen in time.

Let La Teva Ruta Guide You

Ready for this captivating journey through time? Our Tarragona tour is available for private groups on any date, subject to availability and prior booking. For pricing and special group rates, please email or call me.

At “La Teva Ruta”, we understand that every visitor is unique. That’s why we pride ourselves on offering personalized experiences that reflect your interests and allow a deep connection with Tarragona’s history. Whether you’re an adult group, a family with children, or seniors, I adapt to your needs and interests.

Experience Tarragona through our eyes. You won’t just see the sites; you’ll live and breathe history with every step. I especially love unveiling ancient Rome’s daily life: its beliefs, family relationships, shows, entertainment, food… We look forward to seeing you soon in Roman Tàrraco!

Private Group Visits

Schedule: Any date depending on availability and with prior booking.
Price: Check rates for groups.
Tickets to Roman monuments: €5 general, €2.5 for seniors and students. Free entry for children under 12.
Cathedral Entry: €5 general, €4 for seniors and students. €3 for children aged 7-16. Special family rates available.
Duration: At least 2 and a half hours.
Languages: Spanish, Catalan, or English.
Difficulty: The Upper Part has some streets with slight slopes and some stairs to access monuments.
Accessibility: Monument access includes elevators and ramps for those with reduced mobility and wheelchairs, except the Archaeological Walk.
Animals: Not allowed inside monuments.

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