Sketching tours


Guided tour to get to know the city of Reus, giving shape to the most beautiful architectural details in sketches.

At the same time that we show the historical roots and the most characteristic corners of this city, we propose a guided tour to learn about the artistic elements offered by the urban landscape of Reus.

Starting from the personal style of each one, we want to enhance the value of the sketch, the immediacy and spontaneity of the gesture of drawing. An advanced level is not necessary.

Throughout the visit, we propose places where the participants can develop small exercises, that in spite of the limited time, they will be able to continue when finishing the tour.

The aim is not to teach how to draw, but to propose ways of watching, knowing about and experiencing the city. Since the pauses will be dynamic, it is proposed to work the drawing in an organic and natural way, losing the fear of the sketch and enhancing its beauty. The point is letting go of the stroke, giving value to each line and gesture.

At the end of the route we will be able to share and comment on the result of the session, as well as rest in the Garden of the Rull House.

In charge of M.Carmen Granados and Mar Ramos.

Mª Carmen Granados, Official Guide of Tourism of Catalonia, graduate in History of Art and Master’s degree in Management of Cultural Heritage. She has been working as a tourist guide since 2010. In 2013 she creates the company La teva ruta, which offers visits in the provinces of Tarragona and Barcelona.

Mar Ramos, a local artist, graduate in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, with a Postgraduate specialization in Drawing Functions and a Master’s degree in Drawing teacher training. She has trained herself in the use of cultural heritage teaching resources. She has collaborated in different cultural and educational projects, interested in the diffusion of artistic education outside the academic sphere. Currently, she combines artistic teaching with the management of activities in the museum sector.

Price: 15€ adults and 6,5€ children (7-14)

Date and time: Saturday July 13 at 10:30 in the Plaça del Castell de Reus.

Sketching tour Reus
Sketching tour Reus
Sketching tour Reus
Sketching tour Reus