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Montblanc & Poblet

Montblanc Medieval & Poblet

A Journey to the Heart of the Middle Ages

Reviving the Past: Group Tour to Montblanc Medieval and Poblet

With our guided tour for groups to Montblanc Medieval & Poblet, you will enjoy an exciting journey into the past. This tour is designed for you to discover two jewels of medieval architecture that are part of the iconic Cistercian Route. Here, we invite you to immerse yourself in the splendour of the medieval era and understand how these Catalan lands have shaped the history of the region.

Poblet Monastery: Where History and Architecture Merge

Our adventure begins at the unforgettable Poblet Monastery, an impressive example of architecture that has been recognized as a World Heritage Site since 1991. This monastery carries centuries of history with it; from its foundation in the 12th century, aimed at promoting the expansion of Christianity in New Catalonia, to becoming one of the most important monasteries in the kingdom of Catalonia and Aragon.

The Poblet Monastery is one of the three Cistercian monasteries in Catalonia, along with Vallbona de les Monges and Santes Creus. This order is characterized by its dedication to “ora et labora”, a life of austerity and sacrifice, reflected in the simplicity of the monastery structure. Although it was abandoned in the 19th century, it has been carefully restored and inhabited again, preserving its monastic essence.
As you tour the monastery, you will feel how history comes alive. You will stroll through the Romanesque and Gothic transition cloister, visit the Refectory or dining room, where the monks shared their meals in silence, and explore the ancient library, a refuge of ancient knowledge. Don’t forget to admire the diaphragmatic arches dormitory, an impressive structure that defies the passage of time.
Inside the church, the royal tombs of the Crown of Aragon are located, an eternal resting place for the kings who ruled these lands. You will learn about the reigns, struggles, and achievements of these rulers, bringing a new dimension to your understanding of Catalan history.
Today, the Poblet Monastery remains active, being a beacon of spirituality and culture. If you are intrigued to know more about this place, we invite you to read our article Some Curiosities of the Poblet Monastery, where we reveal secrets and curiosities about this place.

The Magic of Medieval Montblanc

The next destination on our tour is the fascinating medieval Montblanc, located just 10 km from Poblet Monastery. This town, with its rich old town, will transport you to another era. Here, the stone streets tell stories of past centuries, and each building reveals a fragment of Catalonia’s history.
We will tour the 14th-century walls and towers that surround the historic centre of medieval Montblanc, entering through the Sant Jordi Gate, a tribute to the patron saint of Catalonia. According to tradition, this is where the legendary battle of Sant Jordi and the dragon took place.
In the narrow streets of the town, we will discover architectural gems such as the Gothic transition church of Sant Miquel, which retains an incredibly preserved Mudejar coffered ceiling. We will approach Carrer del Call, the only street left from the old Jewish quarter, a reminder of the region’s rich cultural diversity.
Then, we will visit the Plaza Mayor, witness to numerous fairs and markets, and the Church of Santa Maria, known as the “Cathedral of the Conca”. Despite not being a cathedral, this church is so imposing that it has acquired this nickname. Finally, we will walk down Main Street to exit through the Sant Antoni Gate and see the old Santa Magdalena Hospital and its small cloister, as well as the Romanesque bridge.

Discover Medieval Montblanc and Poblet with La teva Ruta

We invite you to join this fascinating journey through the history and culture of Catalonia, discovering places and stories that remain alive in these ancient lands. We look forward to seeing you on our tour to Montblanc Medieval & Poblet.



Visits for groups by appointment

When: Upon availability and prior consultation.

Price: Consult group rates.


Spanish, Catalan or English.


Depending on the needs of the group we purchase the tickets to the Monastery.


The transfer between the Monastery and Montblanc will be by group vehicle.

Recommended clothing:

Comfortable shoes are recommended.




Suitable for wheelchairs with the exception of the 1st floor of the Monastery.


Not allowed in the Monastery.


Monestir de Poblet

Monestir de Poblet

  • Monasterio de Poblet, Plaza Corona de Aragón, Poblet, España

Oficina de Turisme de Montblanc.

  • Montblanc Medieval, Muralla de Santa Tecla, Montblanc, España

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