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Santes Creus

Santes Creus

Cradle of Spirituality and Art

The Santes Creus Monastery, a former Cistercian spiritual center, is today a heritage gem that forms part of the Cistercian Route. Located in Tarragona, along with the monasteries of Poblet and Vallbona de les Monges, it forms a triptych of monastic architecture that invites you to travel back in time to discover the fascinating history and astonishing art of these institutions.

History of Santes Creus

This monastery is one of the three pillars of the Cistercian Route, just like the Poblet Monastery, located in the region of Conca de Barberà, and the female Monastery of Vallbona de les Monges, in the province of Lleida.
Today, Santes Creus is a public monument that retains the main dependencies of the abbey, although it no longer carries out monastic activities. During your visit, you can appreciate its Gothic cloister, sponsored by the King of Catalonia and Aragon James II, as well as the surrounding rooms, such as the chapter room or the dormitory, which showcase impressive diaphragm arches.
The Cistercian church of the monastery is an architectural marvel that preserves the tombs of King Peter the Great and his son James II, a testimony to the high status the monastery held in the past.

How to Make Your Visit

The visit I offer at Santes Creus is aimed at organized groups: if you come with your friends, your family, or your company or association, contact me to organize a tailored visit. A unique opportunity to immerse yourself in its rich history and art in a deeper, personalized, and interactive way.
Your visit can begin with the engaging audiovisual presentation shown in the old cellar and warehouse and in the old scriptorium of the monastery. This immersive audiovisual experience will introduce you to the world of Cistercianism, with very educational special effects that will help you better understand the historical, spiritual, and cultural significance of the monastery.
Subsequently, we will explore the dependencies of the monastery, such as its two cloisters, the old kitchen, the Royal Palace, the cemetery, the dormitory, the chapter room, and the Church. During the visit, we will talk about the daily life of the Cistercian monks in the medieval period, the particularities of this order characterized by austerity and spirituality. We will explain the relationships between monks, abbots, and kings, as well as the tombs of Peter the Great and James II, in addition to the forensic analyses carried out in 2010, which brought to light numerous curiosities about the burials of the monarchs.

What You Will Find in Your Visit

Whether you are a lover of history, an art enthusiast, or someone in search of the peace and tranquility these sacred spaces offer, the Santes Creus Monastery in Tarragona is a destination you cannot miss. Plan your visit today and discover the incredible legacy of this Cistercian institution through the guided tours I offer.
These are some of the reasons why the Santes Creus Monastery has received positive reviews from visitors and is considered one of the most important points of interest on the Cistercian Route. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover it for yourself with a guided tour with La Teva Ruta. We await you at the Royal Monastery of Santes Creus.

Visits for groups by appointment

When: Upon availability and prior consultation.

Price: Consult group rates.

Ticket price: 5.5€ per person. 4.5€ for retired people and under 25, 3.5€ for students booked between 1st July and 31st August.


Spanish, Catalan or English.


Depending on the needs of the group we can manage the purchase of the tickets to the Monastery.

Recommended clothing:

Comfortable shoes are recommended.




Suitable for wheelchairs with the exception of the 1st floor of the Monastery.


Not allowed


Monestir de Santes Creus

  • Real monasterio de Santes Creus, Santes Creus, España

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