Vermouth and shops with history

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  • Reus
  • 2.5 hours
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Vermouth and shops with history

Reus, the capital of Baix Camp region, has 107,000 inhabitants.

Reus became the second-largest city in Catalonia in the 18th and 19th centuries due to its industrial and commercial activity, based on liquors, spirits and vermouths, the textile industry, and its proximity retail. Its elegant streets and modernist buildings of the nineteenth-century bourgeoisie are proof of that glorious time.

Its numerous and attractive shops have positioned the town as the commercial capital of the province of Tarragona. Examples of the importance of its traditional commercial activity are the various historical and hundred-year-old shops that are still preserved.

With this tour, we will learn about the modern history of Reus, linked to these economic activities, trade, and vermouth, as well as the history of its oldest shops: their decoration, their protagonists, their anecdotes and curiosities. We will discover small museums of everyday life and the vitality of one of the most beautiful cities in Catalonia.


The tour begins in the Plaça de Prim. We visit 7 historical shops of different kinds, including a wine cellar and a grocery store where we go in-depth into the culture and history of the Vermouth of Reus, a product we also taste.


Fridays at 5.30 pm.


12,5€ adults 7€ children (8-14 years old)


Spanish, Catalan, or English.

Recommended clothing:

No special clothing is required.


Suitable for people with reduced mobility. Most shops have wheelchair access.


Please report any food allergies.


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Plaça de Prim, Reus

  • Plaça del Prim, Reus, in front of Fortuny Theatre
  • 18:00

Bodega La Parra

  • Raval Santa Anna, 49 Reus 43201, España
  • 20:30